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About MSD Maine Coons


What does Maybe Someday Definitely Maine Coons mean?

Investing in a Maine Coon is a considerable decision. Not only because you're making a commitment to a beautiful animal, but you're also financially responsible for making sure they're adequately supported and cared for.


Our unique company name expresses our understanding of your hesitation, but it also expresses your commitment to finding the Maine Coon you've always wanted.


When you're finally ready, Maybe Someday Definitely Maine Coons is here to provide you with the Maine Coon of your dreams.

We are a small TICA registered in-home cattery located in Western NY.  Our cats and kittens are a part of our family.  We would love to have our kittens remain part of our family after they go to their new homes by offering a lifetime of support.  If you have a question about your Maybe Someday Definitely kitten or cat we would love to hear from you.  We always appreciate hearing how our kittens are doing and love getting pictures of them.

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A special Thank You to Rhonda from Hissy Fit Coons and Gloria from the Lions Whelp for helping me get started!

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